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The Watcher Cat

Monday, July 6, 2015

All for One...

So, when The Musketeers first premiered, I enjoyed the first episode so much that I foreswore my purism, until I reverted to it two days later.

Then, as perhaps the oddest of ordination gifts, I received a DVD set of the first two seasons, and got around to watching Season 1.

I admit it, I found myself quite enjoying the thing on its own terms. Not unlike my grudging respect for the wildly unfaithful 2002-2003 Forsyte Saga, but with more actual pleasure in the viewing.

Some of it was the performances--Peter Capaldi's Richelieu is by turns hilarious, menacing and engaging. Flitting from a bit of Malcolm Tucker to chilling, the Scottish version of Richelieu pulls the camera with him whence he wishes:

Capaldi is, as you can see, having a whale of a time, and its great to watch him.

But it's not just him--the musketeers themselves, and their friends and allies, and enemies, are all great fun.

So, my purism lapses once again. Ah, well.

While the books and the definitive adaptation still has my first allegiance, I like d'Artagnan, am capable of flirting with this rival without losing my heart.


rick allen said...

I'll admit I'm posting from ignorance, since I haven't given the thing a chance like you have.

Still, when I come across a phrase like, "the Scottish version of Richelieu"--pace the Auld Alliance--I have to think, "There's something terribly wrong here."

Unknown said...

As for your conclusion - spoken like Anne de Breuil, you naughty deacon, you.

Anglocat said...

Just a reference to Capaldi's accent, Rick. And yes, it's wrong, but done with such brio…

Why, thank you, Karen.