The Watcher Cat

The Watcher Cat

Friday, May 30, 2014

The Never-ending Story

My editor and friend Karen Clark has a powerful,personal reaction to the misogynistic murder spree in Isla Vista a week ago. Others have explored the unrepentantly entitled, misogynistic community of which the killer was a part, and its continued embrace, or at least justification, of him even after the mayhem, and how that community may have shaped the killer.

I have--nothing. Just sorrow, for the the victims, their families, and a kind of weary disgust at the subculture that the killer and his defenders found themselves a home in. Oh, I've waited a week for some enlightenment, some shaft of something. It hasn't arrived. Except.

Except maybe this one isn't for me to opine on. I've been reading the burst of hard truths, prying open of hearts and minds and sometimes shocking statements on--of all things--Twitter: #YesAllWomen. Somehow the stream of tweets--not all of them; there's always the odd troll or two who has to butt in--seem hopeful to me, an avalanche of truths countering the blithe assumptions of what is normal that I get to make in my life but that women don't.

Maybe this is one for me to listen on, and to learn from others.

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