The Watcher Cat

The Watcher Cat

Sunday, May 25, 2014


There is a lot going on. First, I am halfway through proofreading Phineas at Bay, despite serious damage done to the proofs by a cat who decided to do literally what some critics do figuratively over new authors. As the cat involved is not one of my more literary ones, however, I remain undaunted. I am indebted to CreateSpace for sending me a new set of proofs, without charge, even though the damage is solely due to my own carelessness in leaving the first set out where the critics, um, cats, could get at it. I join Philip Sandifer in his praise for the company--and let me strongly recommend his excellent site, combing superb analysis of Doctor Who with other cultural history-critical content.

Second, I have finished my second year of postulancy for the vocational diaconate, and will be entering my final term come September. More later of this.

More later also of the third development…

Finally, the site is being redesigned to reflect the increased literary/cultural content along with the content regarding Anglicanism, and my own development into the diaconate. There will still be law-related posts where relevant, or where I feel moved, but right now, the spiritual and the literary are where I am finding my greatest satisfaction, and that is where I plan to focus.

As ever, come along on the prowl!

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