The Watcher Cat

The Watcher Cat

Monday, May 21, 2012

Expanding the Scope...

Multidisciplinary studies isn't exactly my forte. Most of my writing to date has been fairly straight doctrinal exegesis (with two forays into judicial biography). But this year seems to be the year that I'm forced beyond the narrow confines of the law.

So last year's appearance at a conference on the intersection of law and theology led me to write on the convection of legal history and theology. And later this spring/ear;y summer,Command and Coercion which involves medieval history, canon law, ancient and modern, will come out.

Now I'm delving into theology proper, with a side dish of social justice and a garnish of psych theory, rather to my surprise. I'm about 90% through with the piece, and will send to more expert friends to make sure I don't make a complete hash of their respective disciplines.

I'm enjoying the expansion of my horizons, but would prefer not to embarrass myself or my publisher.

Anyway, back to more reportage and less personalia. It's just that I'm noticing things a bit differently than usual, and am lacking patience for the political silly season.

After all, a mix of different styles can shake things up

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