The Watcher Cat

The Watcher Cat

Wednesday, January 27, 2016

A Tale of Two Kitties

My beloved NinjaCat is about the worst named animal alive. Named after an impressive and silent burst of speed she put on the first time I met her, the day la C and I moved to Brooklyn, she prefers to loll about her territory, enjoying a superior vantage point. She must have been mistreated at some point, because she is very slow to trust, and I (and la Caterina) are the only people she does trust. She hides from visitors, family, friends and cat-sitters alike.

Horatio P. Kitten, by contrast is a kitten so bouncy as to make Tigger look like Eeyore. He is a cuddly, 6 month old kitten whose mischeif, affection, and occasional lunacy are at once heartwarming and unpredictable.

Unfortunately, these two cats share the Northern Annex of Anglocat Central, and his persistent efforts to romp with her were perceived by Ninja as aggression. She hissed, she fled, she fought. Worse, my efforts to provide a division of territory where each could have a safe space, and to gradually introduce them as he calmed down after his neutering, fell apart when Horatio proved able to surmount every barrier I erected. When I hired a contractor to create a full one, he didn't turn up for our appointment, and then didn't return my call. In short, my only option was to confine Horatio to a small bedroom. He absolutely hated it. He had a few hours a day "out" time, but hated being contained.

It couldn't last, of course. A good friend of mine was hoping to get a cat, and, after we spoke about the matter, I "homed" Horatio with him and his family tonight.

Horatio is already adjusting, playing with his new family, giving cat-kisses to them, and loving his new digs--I have a happy message from my friend already.

Ninja is Queen of the Manor again, swanning around the place as its chatelaine. Peace has been restored, and her truncated dominion is once more hers.

Only the Papa and the Mama are sad for what might have been.

I know, I know, luxury problem; cats all happy, friend and his wife and children ecstatic; good solution, no?

But I do miss the little rascal, and so does la C.

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