The Watcher Cat

The Watcher Cat

Thursday, October 22, 2015

A Conundrum

(Photo by Jacquelyn Griffin)

So, l have a problem, dear friends and readers. We have 4 wonderful kitties--albeit getting a little long in the tooth, all aged between 14 and 16, and a bit more fractious than they used to be--but then La C helped rescue our above-pictured friend. He's adorable, sweet-natured and highly adoptable. And, as La C (correctly) says, we don't keep the ones we can easily find good homes for.

However, he is a mouser, and of all our cats at Anglocat Central (I exempt Ninna in the Northern Annex) he is the only real one we have. Elspeth still has the ability, but her interest flickers. So my instinctive squee of "Kitten!" is not entirely impracticable.

Or, we can find him--and I know we will, a very good, loving, forever home. Or keep him.

A tough one, no?

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Jacquelyn L said...

My first photo cred. Sweet!