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The Watcher Cat

Friday, February 27, 2015

Logic is the Beginning of Wisdom

The death of Leonard Nimoy, at age 83, is drawing forth many well deserved tributes from sources ranging the worlds of art, poetry and acting.

As well, of course, as from those of us who grew up on him in Star Trek. Really, it's impossible, I think, for those who did not grew up on the original, back when it was the only game in town (pre-Star Wars, before Doctor Who was readily available for viewing in the US, to understand its influence.

And Leonard Nimoy's Spock was a huge part of that influence. The outsider, the nerd. The one who was smart but looked down on at times for it. Who didn't quite fit in, but was a hero.

As a once-upon-a-time introverted, bookish kid who had one layer of skin too few (believe me, I came by my empathy for The Hour's Randall Brown honestly), Spock (like Sherlock Holmes) provided reassurance and a model: Roll with the punches. Keep doing what you do--and respect those who pursue diverse paths. And use dry wit as a weapon.

Nimoy was,of course, far more than the role he played on TV and in the films. A gifted director and artist. As an actor, a surprisingly effective Mustafa Mond in Brave New World (1997). A philanthropist.

But for me, I'm grateful that Spock was around when I needed him.

Eternal rest grant unto him,
and let light perpetual shine upon him

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