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The Watcher Cat

Sunday, January 4, 2015

The 80s-ist 80s Song

First, a Happy New year, to all who are kind enough to read. It's been a whirl, this holiday season, so posting has been light. That said, I should note that today's post is hardly epochal, albeit it's about an epoch. I had a chance to go out for brunch with friends today, and the question was raised: What is the 80s-ist 80s song of all.

Having had to explain this to my nephew, I was sure I had the answer:

Seriously, beat that for sheer over the top crazy.

(My friends referred me to this:


I mean, you could counter with this:

…but that's really the end of the 80s, and rather lacks the sheer looniness of Ms. Tyler.

How about:

Not bad, I admit, but the 80s did its weirdness mostly unironically.



Claude Scales said...

For me it's Bruce Springsteen, "Dancing in the Dark." It seems to sum up the decade (as, I'll allow, does "Total Eclipse").

Anglocat said...

That's because you're finding the best expression of the decade, while I went for schtick. A great nominee, Claude.

Chris said...

Chris said...

Anne Magnuson's early group. She was gone by this ^ point

Anglocat said...

And here I was thinking, all this needs is Ann Magnusson...