The Watcher Cat

The Watcher Cat

Sunday, December 28, 2014

The Christmas Greeting

I have spent my first Christmas away from my home parish, among the good people of St. John's in the Village. They have welcomed me as their "seminarian" (Not technically; as a candidate for the vocational diaconate, I don't get to go to seminary. Pity. On the other hand, I do love my other job, and the diaconate, which is my calling, does not pay. Literally.) St John's is a little like a modern version of the parish Trollope's Mr. Harding goes to at the end of The Warden

Now, I love the liturgy at St John's--high church, but unfussy, Incense on every Sunday. Did I mention very Sunday? Good, yeah?

And I--I myself--have served as thurifer. A great experience. But, I'll confess that I am only competent as thurifer; for Christmas Eve, we had an outstanding thurifer (and good friend) who did triumphant figure eights even in the small space of St John's. As crucifer, I followed in his wake, and tried to not get lost. (SPOILER: I managed not to.)

In the wise and touching homily of our retiring rector, in the warmth of the reception after the service, and in the beauty of liturgy, I marked the Christmas with joy. And in the morning, I served in a simple, sweet service before proceeding to Christmas with la Caterina with my family.

The season has begun, but is not yet over--for those who celebrate it, may it be joyful!

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