The Watcher Cat

The Watcher Cat

Friday, August 8, 2014

"Into Darkness"?

OK, Season 8 is coming…

The Doctor is now over 2,000 years old;

Clara doesn't know if he's a good man….

And they're going "into darkness." (Hopefully avoiding Benedict Cumberbatch, 'cos they did that one already.)

Moffatt is clearly planning on upping the ante this year.

Now if he does bring back the Master, despite my misgivings, can we at least get a Capaldi throw down with James Nesbitt:

And can I point out that's him playing the Dr. Jekyll character?

Edited to add:

A glimpse of Capaldi:


The Doctor: “This is Clara. She’s not my assistant; she’s some other word.”

Clara: “I’m his carer.”

The Doctor: “Yeah, my carer. She cares so I don’t have to.”

Shades of Malcolm Tucker?

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