The Watcher Cat

The Watcher Cat

Sunday, January 26, 2014

My Way or the High (Culture) Way?

One of the big decisions to be made in having written Phineas at Bay--I can say that because the second draft has come back from my peerless editor, Karen Clark--and the end of the drafting is nigh--was how to publish.

Or, shall we say it differently--to seek an agent, and to try to break down doors, and to go through the traditional path with my Victorian novel, or, to take arms against a sea of troubles, and by self-publishing, end them?

My first instinct was: Do it. Cut the Gordian knot, and self-publish.

Now, I'm generally one for believing my gut instinct. But I also hedge my bets and seek advice. I spoke to several friends who are published novelists,met another, and all of them spoke as one: Unless you're a star or the new hot thing, there is almost no support to be had from a publisher. Do it on your own.

Phineas at Bay has been a pleasure to write; did I really want to turn it into a source of anxiety and stress, seeking an agent to get a publisher to maybe get it out in a couple years?

But what of the claims of high culture? The publisher's role as gate-keeper, and all that?

All that, of course, seems to be falling even as I write.

Still, I'm interested in any thoughts, feedback….

And watch this space!


Unknown said...

A difficult decision, indeed. Particularly since, having had the privilege of reading the book, I can say with some authority that they'd be lucky to get you. Especially when the movie deal offers start pouring in.

Anglocat said...

Bless, 'eye, dearie, and may they come...

Unknown said...

Yeah, but do they offer chips?

Think about it this way. In regards to the work, what is the benefit, either way?

Or, try to trample upon your published friends. They got to be worth something, right?