The Watcher Cat

The Watcher Cat

Saturday, December 21, 2013

A Stray in a Manger

(Photo by Anglocat; click to embiggen)

OK, two strays in a manger. On our way home from shopping tonight, La Caterina and I drove by the Red Hook nativity scene that has been taken over by feral cats. As you can see, the ox and lamb may keep time, but the kitties in fact are keeping the crib warm for the Christ child.

Of course, if last year is any precedent, they will unceremoniously turf him out, as straw is pretty ideal bedding:
The Amendolas have been building this festive tableau for the community every Christmas for last ten years. But, in the past few years, a pack of mewling, begrimed feral cats have disturbed the peace, claiming the manger as their own, ousting the baby Jesus from his bed, turning Mary into a scratching post, and gobbling up all the free food the kindly sisters set out.

Annette tells DNAinfo the felines leave no room for the scene's guest of honor: "When the figurine of baby Jesus does finally appear on the hay bale, the cats usually push him right off to take their rightful spot, on the warm bale." The kittehs then proceed to turn the idyllic setting into a house of sin, where they drink and gamble until the dark night turns into a pale early morning blue with Old Sal over on the old honky-tonk piano never letting up once, not even for a minute.
I can only say they were very well-behaved during our visit; the particularly handsome Siamese even coming out and allowing La Caterina to pet him.

The Christmas Season has officially begun….

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