The Watcher Cat

The Watcher Cat

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

A Pause

So, things have been a bit crazy at Anglocat Central, where one of the three cats I brought into our home has been very sick. I found her as a kitten, abandoned with her sister on a tree stump outside of the cottage I was renting in the winter of 2001.

She early accepted me as her parent, and has, her whole life, curled in my lap and kneaded my leg as a comfort and relaxation method. I believe she found it almost as efficacious as I have over the years.

Two weeks ago, she became a bit withdrawn, and I, busy with life, assumed she was in a mood. Then last Tuesday, when we realized how scrawny she had become, La Caterina made a vet appointment. Elspeth--the cat's name--was jaundiced, with serious liver shutdown. The cause was unclear, but could have been lymphoma. Today we were told it does not appear to be, and that while Elpers (as I call her) is not yet out of the woods, we may hope that she will be in a few weeks, with proper care.

On our way home in the car, she started wriggling, and wanted out of the bag. I took the photo above, and it shows her with her usual, "What are you humans doing?" look of exasperation.

I am greatly relieved.

But not shocked. All her prayers must count for something, along with my own.

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