The Watcher Cat

The Watcher Cat

Thursday, May 4, 2017

A Quick Check In

For readers, regular, and, er, occasional. Yes, let's go with that. Occasional.

I admit it, this blog has been a bit moribund of late. Between new professional opportunities and challenges, and a desire to increase my distance from some old themes, that now feel a bit outworn, I felt I had increasingly little to say that you might enjoy.

And then the idea of an extended project on the blog came to me--Anglocat in the TARDIS, the new tag and project. The plan: Blog the earliest episodes of Doctor Who, the ones I never got to see, and see how long I can lope after the old show.

I'm doing my best to find serenity and recreation here. Oh, the sermons will keep coming, and maybe some theology, and the occasional frolic and detour. But I want to write for pleasure, which means returning to Taffy Was A Welshman and, for pleasure and relaxation--this.

Hop on board; we're going to prowl through all of time and space!

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