The Watcher Cat

The Watcher Cat

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Time, Be a Friend of Mine

My second mentor in the world of law as practiced was an associate at a big firm where I worked as a summer associate between second and third years. I was sent to her by a compassionate secretary for help with a knotty assignment from a fierce partner. She not only helped me but became a beloved friend with whom I remain close, lo these *ahem!* several years later.

Martha was and remains a talented musician, and when I saw her this past Sunday, she revealed to me that she had been posting music both old and new that she made online. Here is my favorite of the songs of her youth, and a new recording she has made:

And the new:

I've known Martha through many (though not all) of the phases she documents in the second video, and she has been a steadfast friend and companion through my own evolution from eager young aspirant to the law to...what shall I say? Aspirant to the Diaconate? Anglocat on the Prowl? Fox Without a Brush?

We have many facets, and our dear friends are, among many other things, the light by which we discover those facets hidden from our own knowledge. So here's to Martha Radclyffe Rix, who taught me that a lawyer need not forsake the creative life.

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