The Watcher Cat

The Watcher Cat

Thursday, November 8, 2012

"You Could be a Gloater"

I know, I know. As a long-time fan of Blackadder, I am well aware that nobody likes a gloater.

And, frankly Mitt Romney's concession speech was pretty classy, and sounded sincere, and the crowd, as I noted on Election Night, didn't do the all-too-common mass booing of the victorious candidate. So props to him and them for that.

No, I'm not going to gloat over Mitt Romney, who has had a dream, 6 years in the making, smashed. (Although I have a slight "WTF" response to his campaign's cutting off the staff's credit cards on the very night of the election, forcing them to pay personally for their cab rides home, right after seeing their own dreams crash.) It's only fair to say of Romney that nothing in his political life became him like the leaving it.

However, I am going to enjoy a little inappropriate glee at the expense of Karl Rove. Rove, whose great goal has long been to create a permanent Republican majority by any means, fair or foul, has previously shown himself to be arrogant and overweening--remember the spectacularly wrong, as well as blustering, "I'm entitled to the math" moment? But this year, he did even better, or, rather, worse. He had an epic fit of denialism on Fox News, which led the normally docile network to first "interrogate" (in Megyn Kelly's words) its own analysts in deference to the artist formerly known as Turd Blossom, and, ultimately, gently mock Rove.

Jove, I thank thee; I will smile.

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