The Watcher Cat

The Watcher Cat

Saturday, October 8, 2011

So, What's New By You?

Me, I got married last Saturday, a week ago today. The rain held off so that we could have our ceremony outside. Our priest did a wonderful job, including a sermon that began: "Here's the thing about them [that'd be me and my wife]: They're not normal." Good times.

Seriously, it was a wonderful day, and, even though La Caterina and I have been together for over five years it does feel different for me now. And better.

And friends--some of whom I hadn't seen for a criminally long tine--flicker in and out, like we're doing some metaphysical version of the eightsome reel. I'm struck by how fortunate I have been in my friendships.

The rain did come, of course, and that meant we were all indoors, and had no room for a dance floor. (Mind you, as my specialty is the "Gopher Dance", that may have been a mercy). In keeping with my current Leonard Cohen kick, I had hoped to dance with LaC to this, but in a very real way, we already are:

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