The Watcher Cat

The Watcher Cat

Thursday, March 18, 2010

This is Your Victory

The usual suspects are downcast (and vice-versa) at Rev. Canon Mary Glaspool's receiving the necessary consents to her election as suffragan bishop of Los Angeles. As I don't know the Bishop-elect, I can't really comment on her election, other than to say I've heard good things about her from people who do know her, and whose opinion I respect. Congratulations and prayers.

But I find I do have a word to say to the self-styled reasserter community, and to the communion conservatives joining them in deploring TEC's lack of "gracious restraint" in no longer honoring the Windsor Reports moratoria after six and a half years of compliance: Congratulations.

Seriously. In the years since the requests were made, TEC complied. In return, it was subjected to cross-boundary jurisdictional crossings, attempted property seizures, a farcical "listening process" and a never-ending wave of bile and venom. Additionally, our Presiding Bishop was insulted at the 2007 primates meeting, where seven Global South primates refused to take communion for fear of being polluted by her presence. And then of course there was the Lambeth Walk. And, finally, the ongoing effort to replace TEC as the North American Anglican entity. So, in view of all these, riddle me this, Batman:

What incentive did your side ever give the Episcopal Church to continue its adherence to the requested moratorium?

I mean, really. You go all out to tear her apart from within, demonize her and her leadership, replace her in the worldwide communion--and then you're surprised that she doesn't continue in a posture of "gracious restraint" which your "side" has been flouting for the same 6 1/2 years she's been complying. I mean, I know you have a low opinion of TEC, but what adverse consequence do you have in your arsenal that you haven't already launched at TEC? What benefit did TEC receive by holding off for 6 1/2 years? None, and none.

It's politics 101. The benefit to TEC in continued restraint was precisely nil. Since your "side" (how I hate these terms!) is hitting TEC with everything you've got already, the additional cost to TEC in ending the period of restraint is--why, precisely nil again. You forecast the result.

And, in 6 1/2 years of incessant demonization, attempted property-swiping and bloviating, you've managed to convince a majority of the decision-makers that the only "peace" you would accept is abject submission. You've convinced many of us that you don't love us as "even Christians"--quite the contrary!--and convinced many of us that being in communion with you is all pain, no gain.

Congratulations. Take a bow. This is your victory.


Anonymous said...

I celebrate that Mary Glasspool will be a bishop in the Episcopal Church. I feel that there are so many in the Anglican/Episcopal Communion who do not understand what it means to be truly Anglican. With Jesus as our role model we welcome all into our community and our table is open to all. I have taken comfort through the years in envisioning a place for everyone under our Anglican umbrella. Sadly I feel that it may be time for some puddle jumping.

Anglocat said...

Welcome, and thanks for your comment. I trust you appreciate that I agree with you in principle, and trust that Bishop-elect Glasspool will make us proud.

I have no rooted aversion to puddle-jumping. After all, it's been quite the rage the last few years, and reciprocation seems fair. More to the point, those who feel as we do deserve support, and a spiritual home.

Thanks for commenting, again.