The Watcher Cat

The Watcher Cat

Sunday, May 31, 2009

Terror in Retail Form

This brutal and sacreligeous murder--in a church--of an abortion clinic doctor is terrorism, plain and simple.

Worse, it was part of a campaign against Dr. Tiller, who had been shot once before, and whose clinic had been vandalized recently, while Operation Rescue continued to stoke the fires against him, while O'Reilly helps.

Meanwhile, any concern about right-wing extremism causes a firestorm on the political right, remember?

In a church.

UPDATE, June 1: To my astonishment, some in the Anglican blogosphere are, while condemning the shooting of Tiller, declaring it a sin which nonetheless led to a just result, and defaming the parish in which he served as an usher, denying that it was a "real" church. I won't encapsulate the comments; read here and here. (The earlier post--the second link--has the more interesting comments, made before the commenter's positions hardened). Note the disdain for the ELCA, and even the innocent onlookers-- Fr. Matt Kennedy, a protagonist on both threads, notably says early on "Trying to feel sorry for the guy and the parishioners...its just that I keep seeing these murdered babies… ", and then concedes, with clear reluctance several comments later: "yeah, not justified...true." (The immediately succeeding comment asks "How soon before Tiller ends up on TEC’s Lesser Feasts and Fasts?" Charming.)

They'll know we are Christians by our love, eh, guys? Stay classy.

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