The Watcher Cat

The Watcher Cat

Monday, December 31, 2012

End of the Year

2012 was quite a ride for us here at Anglocat Central. We had the joy of la Caterina really making a difference in fighting for victims of foreclosure fraud, my being accepted as a postulant for the diaconate, of la C's growing cat colony (and the wonderfully generous support provided by our friends over at Balloon Juice, the same ones who found a home for Sanders). Add to that my publishing two new articles, and, most of all, daily life with the extraordinary woman who has consented to share her life with me. And, of course, the kitteh friends inside the home.

We had, in matters sacred, a new bishop with a new vision of renewal for our diocese, the retirement of an inspiring rector--succeeded by an equally admirable priest. In all this, I found some time to celebrate the great Anglican theologians of the past, not to mention the Poet Laureate of Anglicanism, and his runner up for the title. I even appeared in the pulpit.

In matters profane, we had a food fight to filk for, and gratuitous Who-age. So gratuitous that I even recycled the same clip.

We celebrated fencing, storytelling,a cat of rare quality, theater, and the specialness of old books. And of the mentors who write and sometimes inscribe them. We marked the centenary of the end of the Edwardian Dream, and mourned a loss, far too soon.

We fought an election, and tried to remember the virtues, or at least the humanity of the other side.

All this, plus the usual mix of law, anglican wars updates, historical scraps, and snarkery. Thank you for coming on the prowl with me this year, everyone who has read, and especially those of you who let me know what you think about what I write. Have a blessed 2013, and, when you have time, come on the prowl again...

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