The Watcher Cat

The Watcher Cat

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Pet Sounds

My wife and I are both occasional commenters on Balloon Juice. So when I heard from her that a colleague in her booming cat colony at the Brooklyn Navy Yard had found a kitten with an inured eye (which could not be saved) who needed a home, I thought of Balloon Juice's history of cat and dog rescue support. I sent in the pictures I had of the cat, named Sanders (as the kitten had, rather inexplicably, been dubbed), the ones up top. I asked regular front pager Anne Laurie to put out a bleg for help, and she generously did so. As the comments reflect, no fewer that three "Juicers" offered to take Sanders 9although some thought Jack Sparrow would be a more appropriate name). La Caterina's colleague met with a couple and, I am delighted to say, Sanders is going to fine new home this coming Saturday, after his rescuer has a little more time to socialize him--he's sweet, but shy.

Just this once, everybody lives.

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