The Watcher Cat

The Watcher Cat

Sunday, January 31, 2016

The Call: From the Gallery

My friend and discernment companion Elise Hanley has announced on her blog (oi, I didn't even know she had one! Let alone that it's good! Share a little, Elise!) her upcoming ordination to the transitional diaconate on March 5, and invited me to attend?

Well, good heavens, as Archdeacon Grantly would expostulate, try to keep me away!

Elise and I started on our journeys to ordination near to each other, and she was always a source of encouragement and support on the journey. I hope that I kept up my end of that companionship, but I know that she enriched my own journey immeasurably.

How could I miss one of the culminating moments of hers?

I was unable to attend another friend's ordination thanks to our recent blizzard. But I will be honored to be seated among the clergy to welcome Elise to the diaconate. We'll be richer for her presence.

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