The Watcher Cat

The Watcher Cat

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

December with Phineas Finn & Co.

Over at the Trollope 19th Century Studies Group, we are reading my own book, Phineas at Bay. The schedule is not too tight, and, thanks to Ellen Moody's kindness in letting me set it, it breaks down into a rather nice episodic structure. We are beginning November 30, and continuing straight through. Not too late to join if you have a mind.

Anyway, here is the schedule:

Week 1: Prologue--Chapter 10 (Facilis descensus Averno);

Week 2: Chapter 11 (Sir William McScuttle)-Chapter 18 (Matching Priory);

Week 3: Chapter 19 (Phineas for the Defence)-Chapter 27 (A Drink From the Soup-plate of Honour);

Week 4: Prologue-Chapter 10 (Nunc Dimittis);

Week 5: Chapter 11 (Barchester Towers)-Chapter 20 (In the Midst of Death, We Are in Life);

Week 6: Chapter 21 (Ill Met By Moonlight) to Chapter 27 (The Turn of the Wheel).

"For Those Who Enjoy Peering Behind the Curtain " is just what it says, and so should be optional.

Come on the prowl with us!


rick allen said...

One of my favorite, lesser known roles of McKern was his Sancho, ousted communist mayor and friend to Alec Guinness' Fr. Quixote in a version of Graham Greene's "Monsignor Quixote" that aired in America on Masterpiece Theater back, I think, in the 80's. It appears its availability is limited to videotape and European DVD. Happily the book isn't restricted by format.

rick allen said...

Can't believe I commented on the wrong post. Sorry.....obviously long week for a short week.

Anglocat said...

That's ok, Rick--Leo the Great is always on topic.

I haven't seen "Monsignor Quixote," but have heard great things about the adaptation.

Were we not conscientious people who believe in intellectual property law, we might view it online…