The Watcher Cat

The Watcher Cat

Monday, September 10, 2012

Bounding Along...

I've long enjoyed Peter Bowles's acting, from his smooth-on-the surface Richard DeVere in To the Manor Born:

to his conflicted, ambitious, hapless Guthrie Featherstone in Rumpole of the Bailey.

But in a less known (and, frankly, lesser quality) series called The Bounder, we see Bowles as a bit of a rogue--charming, witty, but naughty:

Now, what I like about his performance is that it demonstrates a pet theory of mine--that Peter Bowles would have made a superb Galahad Threepwood, from the novels of P.G. Wodehouse.

Instead, we got Richard Briers--not bad, mind you--in this production of "Heavy Weather" (alas, Briers does not appear in the clip, but Peter O'Toole makes a surprisingly on point Lord Emsworth):

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