The Watcher Cat

The Watcher Cat

Thursday, September 20, 2012

A Moment of Nostalgia

Ah, a quick visit to the Bartlet Administration:

Seriously, this show got me through the horrors of the Bush Era. I'll wallow in some gentle nostalgia with the cast when I can.

This little ad is a mix of public service ad (there's a shorter version limited to the PSA) and endorsement of Bridget Mary McCormack, sister to West Wing Alumna (wait for it....) Mary McCormack. (Two sisters sharing a name? Irish-American family naming can be weird, take note.)

The little touches make it for me--Will doing Toby's old schtick with the handball (which he had started to do in the series by the end), Josh reading "the message boards" for flattery about himself--don't do it man! Remember the "Lemon-Lyman" fiasco:

And Martin Sheen asking if there's an Apocalypse now? Priceless.

Good luck Bridget Mary McCormack!

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