The Watcher Cat

The Watcher Cat

Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Where Do We Go From Here?

Right, we're seeing some changes here at Anglocat Central.

To begin with, the original impetus of this blog--a cranky, opinionated effort to rally behind the Episcopal Church in a tim elf schism--is now pretty much outdated. Severance has come, I think, roughly to the extent that it's going to. The fire has died down.

Then I chronicled my journey to ordination. Early musings on theological subjects gave way over time to sermons and meditations on the things I was learning, and the people I learned from.

My first novel, Phineas at Bay, took up a lot of space on the blog. It was fun to share the experience of writing, revising and publishing.

But the far in 2016, I have had much less to say than in prior years. Some of it has been a loss of political and/or controversial interest. Some of it has been getting to know people on the other side of the theological gulf from me, and meeting them in our common areas, not our differences. I'm less interested in scoring points and winning arguments than I once was.

I think I may need to decide whether the blog should continue, and if so, in what form.

So, after 9 years, I'm taking a summer off, to reflect, and to see if there is something new to write about in this form that I have so long enjoyed.

I'll report back after Labor Day.

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