The Watcher Cat

The Watcher Cat

Monday, October 29, 2012

In Sandy's Wake

The good news is that we at the Dutch Kills Orchard and Cattery (Brooklyn Branch) are warm and safe, have electrical power (for now!), and are watching gob-smacked as lower Manhattan is taking on water, with cars floating on Wall Street, and a record water level at the Battery. Red Hook, where my Fairway is located, is besieged, with the water lapping at the very doors of the store.

On Long Island, the rest of the Anglocat family (my side) are all at das Schwester's, without power, but with cell phones to confirm that they're all ok. (My nephew, with a precocious interest in meteorology is chafing at not being able to get detailed climate modeling.)

Me and mine are, so far, weathering the storm.

Governor Chris Christie of New Jersey today has thanked Barack Obama:
for ensuring federal government resources are available to New Jersey, which is expected to bear the brunt of rain, wind and flooding from Hurricane Sandy.

“I thank the president for his telephone call and inquiring about how things are going here and I assured him that things were going well so far. He advised me to call him at any time that things were not going well,” he said at a fire house backed with emergency personnel, residents and press.
Not to make everything, political, but times like this make me glad we don't have a Chief Executive who thinks FEMA is "immoral." Of course, in a week, that might change:

I hope you all are well, and that the storm keeps far away from you.

Pray for all those in danger from the elements, and all those who will be working through the night to save lives, return power, limit damage.


Mr. Mcgranor said...

Augustine claimed that natural disasters were the result of collective sin. How utterly Catholic. Unlike many, i am not a fan.

Anglocat said...

I'm not a fan either, Mr. Mcganor, at any rate of St. A's theology, especially as in City of God. The more human parts of the Confessions are pretty amazing, though.