The Watcher Cat

The Watcher Cat

Saturday, August 4, 2012

Master Thespians

OK, I admit it; I grew up watching a lot of British drama on PBS--from Doctor Who to Doctor in the House, with many other examples, both sublime and ridiculous.

The ridiculous were often as much fun as the sublime--I'm thinking of Poldark, Winston Graham's long, tumultuous soap opera where the bloodlines, rivalries and betrayals got so confused that you could hear dialogue like:
ROSS: Yes, Francis, the embrocation given to Aunt Agatha was so that Elizabeth would not see George take the title deeds from your secretaire.

FRANCIS (in astonishment): Ecod!

ROSS: You may well say ecod, Francis.
I mean, come on. I was a teenager from Long Island, and even I knew this is bloody ridiculous.

And let's not forget the opening sequence, which is maybe one step up from the original Dark Shadows:

I mention this because would like me to know that the first three novels are available in e-book form.

Which means I can read them without anybody ever knowing...

(edited to put past tense observations in the, yknow, past tense)

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