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The Watcher Cat

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

What Did They Say Against Smith and Kennedy?

See, this is one reason I left the Roman Catholic Church:
The Catholic Church teaches, in its catechism, in the works of Pope John Paul II and in the writings of Pope Benedict XVI, that the issue of life is the most basic issue and must be given priority over the issue of the economy, the issue of war or any other issue. These same teachings inform us that when both candidates permit the right to abortion, but unequally so, we must chose to mitigate the evil by choosing the candidate who is less permissive of abortion.

Judgment Day is on its way! I may deny it. I may pretend that it is still far away, I may deny that my actions are sinful, but that will not change God’s judgment of me.
Perhaps having to face these issues during this coming election can turn out to be a grace that truly awakens our need to learn more about the teachings of the Catholic Church, and then to use the Sacrament of Reconciliation so that we can receive His mercy and bring our behavior into conformity with the mind and heart of Christ. It is not too late to admit our sinfulness and turn to the Lord in the Sacrament of Reconciliation. When we do this, both we and the heavens will be filled with joy!

Judgment Day is on its way. Pray your way into conformity with the teachings of Christ and His Church. Pray the family Rosary daily between now and Election Day so that you may not only make the right choice but also have the courage to discuss these issues with others who may have been misled by our materialistic culture. Include the candidates in your prayer intentions. It is my hope that our discussions will bring all of us to our knees to seek help from above.
That's from the Archbishop of St. Louis, for whom Christianity is about submission to the will of Holy Mother Church, even in secular political decisions.

The Spirit of Pio Nono seems alive and well.


rick allen said...

Though I wouldn't dream of leaving the Church over it, I don't think the Archbishop is right. How can war not be a "life issue"? It's right there in the Catechism if he needs chapter and verse.

There is always going to be a great deal of diversity in the application of Christian standards to political questions, among the bishops as among others. Better to err sometimes, I would say, than avoid it entirely.

"...we must chose to mitigate the evil by choosing the candidate who is less permissive of abortion."

Well, that at least gives me some relief, as I suppose it means that he and all who agree with him will be voting for the Constitution Party this time around. I understand that they are on 45 states' ballots, and their position on abortion is much more restrictive that that of the Republicans.

Anglocat said...

Hi, Rick. Glad to hear from you, as always.

It's not the taking of a position that bothers me, it's the coercive approach, and the suggestion that a failure to "pray your way into conformity" in doing one's secular duty as a citizen will result in a bad result on Judgment Day that I find extremely offputting.